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St Andrew's Church of Calcutta

St Andrew's Church             


(The above picture was taken in 1878 from the Old Court House Street)

St Andrew's Church also known as the Kirk is the only Scottish church in Kolkata and was opened to the public only on March 8, 1818. The foundation stone was laid on November 30, 1815 by Marquis of  Hastings. The Countess of Moira and the Countess of  Loudon attended the stone laying ceremony. In 1835, the clock fitted to the tower. It was designed by M/s Burn, Currie & Co. It was also known as "laat sahib ka girja" (the church of the Governor). Probably the name derived from the fact that the foundation stone was laid by the wife of the Governor General, Marquis of Hastings.
St Andrew's Church was built just at the site of Old Court House which was demolished in 1792. The street just in front of the St Andrew's Church is known as the Old Court House Street. 

St Andrew's Church, Writer's Building on the left

Address- 15 BBD Bag (North), Kolkata- 700001. West Bengal. (

The Kirk from the tank square 

There was a story about the spire of the church. The first Bishop of Calcutta did not allow the erection of the spire, as he thought that only the Church of England had the authority to allow the construction of such church. Reverend Bryce, the priest of the church heard this he declared that he would not only have a steeple higher than the Cathedral Church of St John's but would also place on the top of it a cock to crow over the bishop. Bishop was deeply mortified. Later on Government declared that the entire building might be repaired by the public works department except the bird as it was a little bit controversial. The bird is still there. 

The clock on the spire

Writer's building on the left

The bird at the top of the spire